Pony Parties

At WaterGap Stables



THEMES:    Unicorn                                             Superman/Supergirl

                  Cowboy                                              Trolls         

                  My little pony                                    Spiderman

                  Knight and dragon                             Batman

                  Dinosaur                                            Cinderella

                   Mermaid                                         Minnie Mouse

                  ***any theme you would like to do we will try to accommodate


Time:    60- 90  minutes long  

Guests:  11 (includes birthday person)


BASIC     Ride,  paint a  pony     $200

           You bring refreshments, we provide  Plates, napkins, etc in chosen party theme.     

           Gift birthday person.


More than 11 guests    $5 each


Extra pony   $50


Cake and ice cream  $50

        water, Plates, napkins, etc in chosen party theme.

     Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling , chocolate icing

     White cake, vanilla cheesecake filling, white icing.

Cake feeds 48      choice of decoration


Craft    $50 



DELUXE       Ride,  paint a  pony           $300

                     Cake and ice cream, water, Plates, napkins, etc in chosen party theme.


                      Gift bags for all guests

                      Extra gift for birthday person

                      Face painting


More than 11 guests   $10 each